A Day in the Life of a Zombie Dog

What if you could be anyone, or anything else? Then you could write about a day in the life of that person or thing. You could be a rock star who was a rock who became a star, or Elvis, who was secretly a cross dresser.
Anyway, each title should start with the words: A Day in the Life of ... then say whose life you're writing about. Make it funny, gross, thrilling or whatever, but please don't make it mature, in two hundred words more or less.

  Dum da dum da dum da dum dum I'm a dog, a lazy spoiled hounnnnnnnnd dawg. Sniffing here, sniffing there, sniffing everywhere.  "

"I smell meat. It doesn't smell fresh. Oh well, I'm not particular, I'll eat other dogs' poop. I'll eat anything. This is a different smell. I don't think it's an animal. Something strange, something familiar. Sniff sniff sniff. It's almost like human people smell - people smell gone bad . People meat is 'No No!' meat. my human people family won't let me eat people meat. They would put me in a cage, if I bite a people. Must not eat people meat."

"I was right, it is people meat. It smells really bad. I don't think it's all the way dead. It's twitching. I have a really bad feeling about this people meat. Oh no. It's moving. It's coming after meeeeee! Run away, run away fassssst. Not fast enough. I'm afraid, very afraid. People don't bite dogs, but this one is biting me. I bite back.  People meat is not so bad. I snarl and growl and bite. It snarls and growls and bites me. After awhile it stops, but I'm still hungry. Must find some more people meat, something - fresher."

The End

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