Katherine-Making an entranceMature


The city never slept, it moved as one and was always alight. I enjoyed watching humans carry on about their lives not knowing the evil that walked among them. I was stood on my balcony observing an old couple walk hand-in-hand and felt a pang of envy. That should be me I thought bitterly, married, children and growing old but in one night that was took away from me.

“Miss Farrell, your cases have been packed and your driver is waiting.” Mr Richards held my handbag and I took it heading towards the door. “Safe journey.” I wave my hand opening the door.

“Goodbye.” I reply and press the button waiting for the elevator thinking I could be down faster if I ran even in heels but Mr Richards was watching me, and as far as he was concerned I was a human rich girl.

Finally, the elevator arrived slowly making its way to the ground floor and I step out as a young couple walked in standing very closely staring into each other eyes. Quickly, I made my way outside to the waiting car with the driver holding the door open and put my thick black sunglasses on as he drove.


“We are here Miss Farrell.” The driver whose name I forgotten, I looked up from my compact mirror puzzled.

“Here being where exactly?” I asked applying another coat of mascara to my eyelashes.

“St Vincent Miss Farrell the school.” This was the school? It was a mansion in the middle of nowhere.

“I need to finish my make-up so if you could take my cases inside thank you.”

“Miss, beg my pardon but we are running a little late.” The driver said tapping his watch.

“Well you better hurry then.” I take my lipstick out and smoothly run it across my full lips. I put my sunglasses back on and the driver is holding my door open, grabbing my handbag I take some cash out and gave it to him and head towards the huge wooden door.

A vampire scurries towards to me, I asses her taking in her drape appearance and wait whiles she hands me card explaining that it is a student pass. “I am afraid the gathering ceremony is already in possess you may go through this side door and quietly go in.”

“Quietly?” But she has already gone hopefully to fix her hair, I smirk and go past the side door and I can hear a register of names being called.

“Lily Edwards.” The dominant voice calls.

“Here.” The girl answers and I wait.

“Katherine Farrell.” That’s my cue and effortlessly I push the doors open, the room of vampires sit up and I unclip my brown curls and stroll casually towards a sit.

“Miss Katherine Farrell I presume?”

I take my sunglasses off, flick my hair and smile. “You presumed right.”


The End

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