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Pansy, Francis and I took our time walking toward the front doors of the mansion, soaking in it's immense size. There was a strange spiritual hum in the air, the wind seemed to buzz rather than blow. Adrian seemed to notice it, too. Without ever experience the odd sensation I already knew it was down to the mass gathering of vampires. 

We finally reached the doors, Pansy walked straight up to them and swung open the chunk of wood with ease. Behind it was a clean, white and wooden interior with a huge gaggle of the undead chatting away to each other. I turned to comment about the decor to Pansy, but she was already gone; her bags and all. 

'Where do we go now?' Adrian hissed at me quietly. I could see he was panicking more than myself. I steadily gazed around the large room and pointed toward those doors, 'how do you even know that?'

'I can hear people behind them, dumbass. You're a vampire: use your ears for once.' I grunted, making my way toward the next set of doors. After these ones, there was even more vampires. I made a face at Adrian as I walked onwards to the small cubicle which said: ''Sign in Point''. 

'Francis and Adrian Hornby. Also, Pansy Hornby, if she hasn't signed in already.' I told the bored-looking receptionist, who, even for a vampire looked worn out. Her shiny blue eyes looked completely unanimated and her curly brown hair looked flat and just plain awful.

I turned away after she ticked our names off of an exceedingly long list and handed us both our student passes. 

'I wonder where Pansy went.' Adrian wondered out loud. I shot him a withering look.

'For heavens sake, Adrian. Use your brain - she is obviously in the teacher's quarters.' I tossed the hair out of my eyes with a pair of nimble fingers and Adrian snorted next to me. I didn't dignify him with a question as to why he was giggling at me.

'It says on the letter we're in Room 66, in hall 6.' I paused and looked at Adrian. He shook his head, smiling as we left the welcoming committee and made our way to the dorm rooms.

'How much are you willing to put down on Pansy choosing our living locations?' Adrian asked.

'I damn sight more than you.' I replied.

The End

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