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Even though I was late, I was still one of the first to arrive. I figured I was probably the only one that lived near enough to just run it here without worrying about anything. There was something magical about walking around a house that was older than me. At first, as I took a few steps into the house, I entered into a porch; something to have expected; a multitude of rich, rustic colours-- reds, golds, browns. There were windows almost as high as the wall, letting blasts of sun into the room, highlighting every speck of dust floating lazily around in the air.

Yet, when I put my bag down, and walked through two large, heavy wooden doors, I entered a room which surprised me. I'd heard about the school, and I'd heard that it was all an old, probably haunted (I mean, I was a vampire. Ghosts could be real too) mansion. But no! I was struck by the brightness- the open, free-ness of the room I had stumbled upon. A white desk ran along the wall to my left, with a set of white computers. The walls, too, were white. I began to notice a theme. The floor had fake wooden tiles on it, and there was a large LCD T.V. on the wall opposite, all the was across the large, white room.

I was in another room within a second of witnessing the first one. The same, underlying bright theme carried on in all of the rooms I saw. Modern, bright. They must've renovated it since last year, because I had been told that the inside of the mansion matched the old, Victorian facade.

Four seconds later, I heard another student arrive. I turned to look at who it was.

She was a short girl, with wild, untamed blonde hair, scruffy clothes, and dirt on her face. She looked to be about fourteen or fifteen. She had an impish grin on her pretty face. She had brown eyes that were wide, in an off-putting way. As if she were insane. She had her dirty hands held politely in front of her.

"Hi!" she said, enthusiastically. Her voice, like all vampires, ran from her mouth with beauty and elegance. Like the English language was being re-written. She had a slight accent, as was the same with all older vampires. I guessed she had to have been around two-hundred to two-hundred and fifty years old.

"Hi..." I replied without missing a beat. I was in front of her, holding my hand out in the same second. I towered over her. 

"I'm Cassie" she exclaimed, still grinning. She grabbed my hand and shook it- quite violently.

"I'm Cameron." I said, with a light smile on my face. This kid sent vibes of happiness out.

Just then, more and more students began to arrive. Cassie, although she didn't say much else after that, stayed by my side, smiling at everyone who came in. We stood in silence until there were around ten people there.

The End

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