Francis: Car JourneyMature

I sat in the passengers seat, rubbing my temples as Pansy and Andrian sang to his Adam Ant CD as loud as they possibly could. I felt as thought someone was draining me of all my sanity, on drop at a time.

'Are you quite finished yet?' I roared, interjecting as they both paused for a millisecond-long break, 'you both have exquisite voices when you want to, so why do you persist at singing in a way which sounds likes a bloody cat being strangled!?' 

Pansy snickered, 'why do you think?'  Because it annoys me, I replied in my head and they resumed their relentless screeches. 

I groaned and tried to clamp my hands over my ears. Half an hour later, they had finished. Much to my ear's pleasure.

'If we ran, we could have gotten there in thirty seconds. Without the hassle of poor 80's music.' I grumbled, glancing at them both.

'That is a good point. Pansy, why are we not running?' Adrian asked our mother.

'I have too many clothes to carry myself. And this dress it white so if you think I'm going to get it soiled because you wanted to get to school quicker you've another thing coming.' She sniffed, folding her arms.

I rolled my eyes, questioning her real age in my head.

'I saw that.' 

I laughed and peered out of the wind shield at the mansion which had been steadily growing in size before us.

'It looks like my old house.' Adrian told us fondly. He was right, it did resemble it a little. But to be honest, I was paying more attention to his screams than his decor.

'It will suffice. At this school you'll actually learn something useful. Unlike those ruddy human schools you insist on attending.' Pansy grunted.

I suddenly found myself picturing Pansy attending a primary school, her long white-blonde hair pulled into tight plaits; wearing a grey pleated skirt and ankle socks.  I sniggered out loud accidentally at the hilarious thought. 

Adrian pulled into the school's long drive-way and we made our way up to the student car park. 

'It is massive.' I commented as I stared up at the huge building, staring at the students who were walking in. The butterflies in my stomach suddenly turned into bees. 

The End

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