Cameron: PackingMature

I pulled my scruffy old rucksack open, and began shoving clothes in at an inhuman speed. I was already late, so I didn't have time to exude a human-facade. I had almost everything packed. I peered around my tiny room one last time. I hadn't really spent enough time in it for it to get messy, or for me to grow attached enough to suffer from any form of home sickness. At nights I'd roam the streets, bored, unless I was too tired. Even then, most of my time in this room was spent with my eyes closed and my mind somewhere else.

The only thing I liked about this room, was what sat in the corner which was furthest away from the door. A studio-condenser mic stood on a stand, with a makeshift pop-filter hanging elegantly from above. Even in my first life, I had adored music, and now, as a vampire, that love had grown; intensified with everything else about my physical and mental make-up.

I carefully packed my microphone up and placed it neatly in the bag, glad that all of the clothes could cushion it. 

And then that was it. I swung the bag on my right shoulder and glanced in the mirror. I only really needed to catch a glimpse of my pale skin and my shaggy black hair to know that I was okay to leave.

As I left my home, I locked the door-- mostly out of habit. I wasn't cared about anything getting stolen because I could easily get it back, but leaving a front door hanging open would start to raise suspicion from the neighbours. 

I began walking at a normal pace, my hand hanging onto the strap of my rucksack which was hanging over my shoulder. After five seconds, I walked into an alley, and began running- really running.

I was fast enough that no one could see me, but I stuck to the woods, just in case. I ducked and dived under branches, and leaped over large roots. I left leaves quivering in my path. I loved the freedom of running; the sense of the wind lashing viciously at my face- to no avail. 

I burst out of the forest, and into a large field. I peered out about seven miles away, and noticed the mansion- St Vincent's. I was there in approximately seven seconds. I made sure that my feet weren't on the ground enough to leave any path or footprints in the grass.

I stared up at the large mansion, grinning. Finally.

The End

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