There was a light rapping on my bedroom door, I flicked my eyes up from the suitcase, 'come in.' 

'We're leaving in twenty minutes.' Adrian, my brother for all intents and purposes, told me. He picked at his ear and eyed up my suitcase. I stared at him, questioning his still-remaining presence. 

'Why are you still in my room, Adrain?' I asked him boredly. 

'Why are you taking those ugly fuckers with you?' He chortled, gesturing at a pair of battered sneakers. 

I rubbed the bridge of my nose, 'they're comfortable and I like them.'

'They are literally from the 60's.' Adrian continued, 'I bet bits fall off when you walk in them!' 

I heaved a sigh, 'they do not fall apart whilst I walk in them because I, unlike you, walk with care as to not ruin my shoes in the first day.' 

'Alright, alright. Just hurry it up. You know what happens if you keep Pansy waiting.'

I shuddered at the thought, 'I'm done now anyway.' I pulled on my shoes (which even I had to admit were falling apart at the seams) and followed him out of the room with my suitcase. 

Pansy was sat in the back of the car, drumming her fingers impatiently on her knee, 'let us go now you are far too slow. You are vampires yet you insist on walking at a pace which makes me feel like dying.. again.' 

'Sorry, Pansy.' Adrian smiled, clambering into the drivers seat, 'but Francis likes to take things in his own time.' 

I shot him a icy glare and apologised to the ancient young girl in the back of the car. Pansy, only a tiny eleven year old in appearance, was the woman with six hundred years on her back who turned Adrian and I into vampires. She was not a woman to be trifled with, and was going to attend St Vincent's with Adrian and I as a teacher of fine art.

To be honest, I'd expect people to mock her because she appears so young; but every new vampire we meet quakes in her shadow. It's pretty funny to see a full-grown man shiver at a girl of 150 centimetres. 

'Are you nervous?' I asked Adrian. He shook his head and asked me the same.

'I am very nervous.' I replied as the butterflies fluttered relentlessly in my stomach. 

The End

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