A Dark SummerMature

A collab about a summer school for vampires. It's less of a school, and more like a family who are constantly battling other threatening creatures or trying to save their family, but when the summer is over, they have to go back to human life, and pretend that they are human.


I leaned back in my chair, playing idly with my pen, and glaring listlessly at the board. I sighed quietly, and changed my position to leaning forward. I scratched my head, and lapped my fingers lightly on the desks.

I was fidgeting. Such a human act; one that I had mastered. I let my mind wander as I looked around, one part of my mind remembering to blink a few times a minute. I noticed that a girl was looking at me from the other side of the room. She looked away within a half of a second.

But in that half-second, I saw her profile in great detail. I could see each and every different shade of brown in her hair; I noticed the tiny patches of light skin that had been missed by the mountains of foundation she wore. I noticed the tiny flecks of green in her light brown eyes. I noticed her perfectly (to the human eye) shaped eyebrows. I noticed her full lips, and I noticed the flush of red that appeared when I looked at her.

A whole second had passed until I decided that I should write something down on my empty notepad. I scrawled the key points of the lesson that part of my brain had remembered. 

And then it was time to go. I began to gather my things before the teacher had even dismissed us.

I was ecstatic, because the end of this day meant the end of this tedious, annoying school term for the summer. It meant the start of my time at St Vincent's

That night I spent wishing to succumb to sleep, yet sleep did not want me. I, instead, spent the night staring out of my window into the black night. To the human eye, it would look pitch black. But I could see every tree, every leaf, and every twig for miles.

Morning came quicker than I had imagined it would.

The End

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