Comforting Chance

Point to where it hurts, love.
I'll kiss it better.
Don't worry about the venom in my lips.
My touch is soft as a feather.

And if the pain lingers still,
Just bury your head into my chest,
And I'll let your tears stain my shirt.
Let my arms' comfort do the rest.

Because when you feel bad, I feel worse.
The link of our emotions is like a curse.
But I wouldn't change this moment for anything.
A few moments in time to enjoy your static cling.

Even though you're in anguish,
In your body and in your mind,
I can't deny I'm happy
To be the one you ran to this time.

While it's true I am the comforter of you.
This chance to comfort is a comforting chance to me, too.

The End

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