Puppet Mistress

Boys are such interesting creatures, she said through a devious smile.

I’ve been intrigued by their nuances and quirks for quite a while.

I kissed the temple of a man and licked the lobe of his hemisphere.

To taste his intellect in hopes that it would draw me near.

I cooed into his ear, a song that pierced his eardrums through.

Just to see what little boys’ annoyance causes them to do.

I brushed my hand along the seams of places dare not touched.

I hoped to see lust rise in eyes that I have craved so much.

Those boys I turned to puppets with the dancing of my whims.

I’ve conjured up their vices, uncovered all their sins.

They call out to their mommy dear, to tell tales of affection,

I am the light, the way, and the ultimate perfection.

My boys will follow me until the horizon’s edge grows near,

Then off cliff’s edge I’ll throw them, out of hate, or love, or fear.

The End

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