Make Your Heart Mine

I want your heart.
The one thing that’s so hard to take.
You lock it up in a vault for your own sake.

I know how to catch your eye.
I know how to make you look at me when I walk by.
I know how to make you wake up with thoughts of wanting to caress my thighs.
I know how to make you sigh, and imagine pressing your lips against mine.
I can dazzle you, sugar, with a couple coy looks, blush at your jokes, yes, I can make you hooked. Hooked on the way that my curves flow, and make you wonder how it would feel to wrap yourself around me; that’s what you want to know.

I know how to reach your mind.
I can take you into a mental state that is enlightening and sublime.
You’ll feel as though I am all you ever needed, get your intellect heated, with a wit and perception that has never been defeated.
 Mesmerizing and knowledgeable on everything you love.
Your mind begins to search mine; I fit like a glove into your life.
Our conversation is sensational when I reveal that all the things that you’re a fan of I am avid of as well.
And I dig deep to bring up words that drive you to think me someone wise, and you’re too impressed to question if anything is lies.

But sugar, I don’t know how to get your heart.
 I don’t know how to make you love me – not even where to start. Anyone could please your body or learn to ease your mind, but the one thing I don’t know is how to make your heart mine.

The End

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