I look for gorgeous boys. You probably think I’m shallow now, but it’s not what you think.

I don’t look for sexy boys. I’m not searching for the guy every girl has fantasies over.

I don’t look for hot boys. I’m not preying on those kids with rock solid abs that would make any woman drop to her knees.

I don’t look for fine boys. I’m not eyeing the boys with the pretty faces, who take pictures that make them look like Greek gods.

I don’t even look for cute boys. I don’t chase after those boys who charm the hell out of their admirers with their empty words.

I look for gorgeous boys.

I look for the cultured boys.
He is the one who reads as if his very bread and butter for the day were the words on each page. He’s the boy who hunts for the beauties of the world that can’t be picked up at the club: the art, the films, the sports, and the music. He devours it all and reflects all its nourishing glory in his personality. He’s such a ravishing boy.

I look for the talented boys.
While your boy will swear by his kiss, his touch, his stroke, my boy’s talent needs no words of promotion. His passion is greater than that of the bed, as he slaves over his craft, striving to shine at his maximum potential. He puts me at awe with his dedication, and inspires me to sweat with the intensity of my work as well. Every task completed is a joy for him, and draws forth pleasing warmth in the rest of us. He’s such a brilliant boy.

I look for the thinking boys.
He doesn’t ride the horsetails of society and cliques. He is his own man, philosophizing, pondering, and questioning of the workings of the world. His insight is sage, his perception amazing, and his witness enlightening. Every thought exemplifies his depth of morality and character. He makes me want to dive into the sea of his mind and ride the wave of his thoughts. He’s such a captivating boy.

You see, you can be the cutest, finest, hottest, sexiest man on this Earth, and I may tell you so, but you shouldn’t be proud of it. You are vain; a pretty chocolate box without the treats inside. I can play with you for a short time, but I’ll eventually get bored. For when I call you gorgeous, you are truly the most beautiful of men, as it is not my eye, but my mind, that you have impressed.

You are richly ravishing in your culture.
You are beautifully brilliant in your talent.
You are crazily captivating in your thought.

My boys of substance are absolutely gorgeous.

The End

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