Three's A Crowd And A Harem

I don't know what to say...or how to make it lyrical.

Said you don't believe in God, but you're looking for a miracle.
Thought I didn't mean it when I said, "I love you." Are you cereal?
Killer, of my heart. My feelings couldn't have been realer.Your smile, your silly side, had me higher than a dealer.

I let you floor me, adore me, explore me, ignore me...I think I'm really starting to abhor me.
Cause see, I got caught up on the idea of 'we,'
While you got scared and pumped the breaks right there at 'you' and 'me.'

So I ran to you; you made me me feel like a queen.
You were a golden boy; you were my perfect James Dean.

You put your heart on the line, laid all your cards on the table.
And I played you because I was willing and able.

But then things changed and you flipped the script.
You left me silently and went out with some other chick.
Who am I to shame you? You found out I was lying.
That's why I tried to blame you, so I wouldn't be the one who's crying.

And you were comfort food; eye candy for the multitude.
I wasn't even trying to talk. I gave you time 'cause you weren't rude.
Then you made me think that you might be a good choice.
My feelings got in a flurry and I felt I had found my voice.

But you and I, we're nothing more than skin and heat.
You couldn't reach my thoughts; I could just be another piece of meat.
I backed away slowly, because I didn't want you to hate me.
Though I knew you'd figure out I chose 'Xbox' over the 'PS3.'

You don't know how many times I've mixed up your names.
'Hey Ray Ray-I mean Tay Tay," heh, I've resigned to calling you, 'Babe.'
I've forgotten the difference between love and lust, it's all the same.
It's the price you pay when you're playing this game.

I'm ashamed...that's right I'm ashamed.
Cause I'm the one to blame.

I don't live this life, but I fell in it unfortunately.
Cause you threw me away, you couldn't stay, and you just sort of found me.
This was never about your deficiencies.
This was about the girl I'm still struggling to be.

The End

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