Secured Heart

You’re steady building walls around a heart that’s been broken.
Lock and key security like it’s your very last token.
I’m trying to bait you to say the words you won’t let be spoken,
But you aren’t having it. You’d rather stand alone then?

You know it’s not healthy for you, yet you still take it.
Like a deep fried snickers; it’ll destroy you but you still ate it.
So what should I be feeding you, rice cakes?
That will never make up for your metaphorical caloric mistakes.

You’ve made some choices that you wish you could take back.
You want to cleanse them like you’re trying to bleach off the black.
You’re treating every “It’s your fault” like it’s a fact,
But if I told you “it’s okay,” you would never believe that.

I want to cradle you, anything to take away the pain.
Remove every thought that you’re the only one to blame.
But when I put my arm around you, you look at me strange.
Was I the one who was mistaken? Have your feelings changed?

Maybe I should give you your space and just let you figure things out.
Maybe you’ll up and leave me and go to school in the south.
Maybe that’s okay. Maybe that’s what you’ll choose.
Maybe I just have to fall back and count this as a lose.

I’ll miss the way you made laugh with your lame ass jokes,
And how you never responded to my Facebook pokes.
I’ll miss the boy that taught me that it’s cool to be me;
The guy who I wanted to make a part of ‘we.

Just know that I’ll still think of you once you finally depart,
And I’ll always have a corner for you inside my heart.

The End

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