A Collection of Ideas #3Mature

Butterflies– Butterflies are attracted to half fae beings and to those without souls. Butterflies are said to be able to speak to those who have their souls stolen, it is also said that they can send messages of those who have no soul to the people they love. When Neyoa steals the soul of a half fae the souls turn into butterflies waiting to fly to their owners.

Witching Hour– Is a party that happens every last day of a month. The Witching Hour starts at Midnight and ends at 1am, this is to mark the passing of a new month and all fae beings look up to the stars to see the futures of the month to come. This is an important ceremony for all Fae beings. The Witching Hour takes place at Avalon.

Witching Time– Between 3 am and 4am the Fae’s celebrate the first dawn of the new month and will dance and eat for that whole hour. On the last seconds the dawn will rise and the Fae beings will drink in the new dawn.

If a living human have their souls stolen– humans either fall into a coma or they become vacant and unresponsive. If their souls are separated and they die the human will not be able to go to Annwn. Having their souls stolen feels a bit like limbo, a human can still think independently and they are aware of their situation but they cannot do anything for themselves. Humans who have their souls stolen know who it is that stole it from them, but they cannot say anything.

Souls and death in humans– A human can live without a soul, but it is a half-life. Humans who are just about to die will see the Witches of Annwn. When their heart stops completely the witches immediately take the soul and bring it to Annwn. A human soul will stay with the body for six days, if the witches do not take them by then the soul becomes dormant and stay with the human forever.

Souls and life – humans are born with souls. If a human has their souls stolen it is believed that if you gather 1,000 souls and place them within a human those souls will mould together and create one soul. However this soul will be a mixture of 1000 personalities and could make the human insane. Another consequence will be that the souls will reject the human and in turn kill them from trying to escape from the body. 

The End

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