A Collection of Ideas #2Mature

Annwn– Is a paradise for magical beings and souls of the dead. For a living human to get to Annwn one must be accompanied by either a Fae, or a Witch and pass through the Veil of Annwn. There they must cross the River of Annwn by boat and on the other side of the bank they land at the Gate where they must give something of personal value before they can enter. The residents are separated by tribes, but at the Witching Hour or the first night of Spring they all come together to Avalon and celebrate. In the land of Annwn there is one stand-alone city that surrounds one of the ancient trees of old called Asgard. This is the place where the Witches live in solidarity and tend the ancient tree.

Asgard sits at the base of a line of mountains called “The Earth’s Fingertips” which are ten mountains spread out across Annwn.

Annwn has a lot of hills, but when getting close to Avalon the land flattens out surrounding it. Annwn has the normal four seasons in the human world, but it hardly snows and when it rains it sprinkles. At spring and summer it is always warm but has a cool breeze and flowers bloom on the first day of spring. 

Asgard– The stand-alone city specifically made for the Witches of Annwn. Asgard is a huge city where the Witches study and live in solitary; they also tend to the tree that stands in the middle of the city. Not much is known about Asgard for no one but the Witches may enter it.

River of Annwn– The River of Annwn is the largest river spanning directly across the land. It is very wide and people need a boat to get across which can take about an hour by boat. Although the river spans across the whole of Annwn it also cuts across it and circles around an island. The River of Annwn is where the tainted souls of humans rest, the Witches of Annwn pour the tainted souls in the water whilst releasing the good souls into the air to float around. If anyone falls into the river the taint of the souls seep into their hearts and they become evil.

Avalon– The Isle of Apples, is at the centre of Annwn is a part of land that is surrounded by the Annwn’s single River. This is Avalon and surrounding the outer rim of the perfectly circular island are apple trees which people can freely take. Avalon is a place of meeting by the Fae and is also the place where a Fae will give birth. The apples are a source of food for a fae. However, if a human takes a bite from one of the apples the river of Annwn will dry up and the tainted souls will seep into the apples and Annwn will no longer be a paradise for the dead.

The Apples of Avalon– Are a source of food for the Fae beings of Annwn. The apples grow all year round and never get rotten or have insects inside of them. The apples are the reason why Annwn is a paradise; they hold the magic to keep the river of Annwn running. However, if a human eats an apple the magic within the apples die, the river will dry up and seep into the apples making them rotten. Then it has a domino effect and any Fae that has eaten any apples recently will become monsters and the Veil of Annwn will fall away allowing humans to walk through it without naming the Veil. The human who took the bite of the apple will become seriously ill and will eventually die unless they are cured.

The only way to reverse the damage of Annwn is for the Witches to take an untainted human soul and plant it in the middle of Avalon. This cleanses Annwn and everything will go back to normal.

The Veil of Annwn– Is like a blanket between our world and Annwn, it is pitch black and very cold. Fae beings are free to pass through the veil without any problems, but if a human tries to pass it without assistance they will die. The veil will open to any who speak its true name.

Fae– Magical beings that reside in the paradise of Annwn. Other names are fairies, changelings, elves, imps and hobgoblins. There are factions of different Fae beings based on their powers. Neyoa is the only one of her kind; therefore she must live forever to not let the blood die. Fae beings are mischievous, beautiful, pranksters and are great liars. Adults are always on the butt of the prank. Children scare fae’s because they show no fear and they can tell when a Fae is lying. The only time they are able to fool children is when they are sad and lonely. Some Fae eat children at feasts especially at “The Witching Hour” and on the first night of spring. Fae eat children for their youth, energy and spirit.

Half Fae– When a fae being falls in love with a human and the human gives birth the Fae will then turn to dust. Half fae beings are not meant to exist, for the pure blood of the fae must not be tainted with human evil. Fae beings are afraid of a human who has fae powers, scared that the evil of humans will destroy the paradise life of Annwn. 

The End

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