A Collection of IdeasMature

A collection of ideas that I've written but haven't made anything into. These ideas include people, places, realms and creatures.

The Witches of Annwn– Are a group of beings that take human souls and guide them to the Veil of Annwn, where the souls may rest in peace. The Witches of Annwn have black dogs that accompany them as protection; these are called The Hounds of Annwn.

The Hounds of Annwn– Are black hounds that serve as protectors for the Witches of Annwn. These hounds bark loudest when chasing a soul snatcher, but they stay silent when they are just about to kill a soul snatcher.

The Soul Snatchers and The Monsters of Midnight– Are a group of rogue Witches that have fallen in the river of Annwn, which is made from the souls that are tainted with evil. From this, the soul snatchers feel the need to take the souls from living humans and give them to someone they call ‘Matilda.’

Matilda– Is a woman (her origins are unknown) who wishes to bring her son, Thane, back to life after he mysteriously had his soul stolen by the rare fae, Neyoa. Matilda is a human; however, the man she had Thane with was a fae. After getting a notice from the bank telling her that they will repossess her house if she doesn’t come up with the money Matilda then goes off to get a job (teacher) so she hires someone to look after Thane. Because she is human Edwin then persuades her to take Lula and Lula is hired for the job.

Thane– Is a 23 year old who had is soul stolen by the fae, Neyoa. He is half fae and half human and therefore has a natural attraction to butterflies. Butterflies themselves trust Thane with their lives. Thane has some powers and can see the Witches of Annwn and the Soul Snatchers. Thane would live a lot longer and appear younger than normal humans.

Neyoa– A mischievous and famous fae, Neyoa has been the only known fae to be able to steal souls. However, Neyoa only steals the souls of half fae’s which she then puts them in a bottle and hangs them on the tree of Ney. With these souls she basks under their light and she is able to stay young and live forever.

The Tree of Ney– “Bask in the light, beneath the tree of Ney, where the faes tainted with human blood must stay. Basking in the beauty Neyoa must, for if she doesn’t, Neyoa will turn to dust.”

Keir– Is a Holdur Fae, he passes through the veil of Annwn to the human realm and lure girls to his domain in the forests of Annwn and keep them there forever until they die. Keir appears to be beautiful, youthful and gentle, however in his domain of Annwn he becomes violent and wild if the girls don’t do what he wants. To defeat him one must poison him in his sleep.

Edwin– Is the only half fae to have a soul made by 1,000 people. Edwin hates Neyoa and the fae’s that reside in Annwn for the hatred and fear that they have for half fae’s. His mother was a horrible woman who feared and loathed her son. Edwin was able to gain 1,000 souls by sending butterflies to the Soul Snatchers, who delivered him the souls. When he regained consciousness Edwin gained a new soul, for a time everything was perfect although Edwin still hated Neyoa and Annwn. However, after a time Edwin started to become erratic and have extreme mood swings. Which then gave him the idea to destroy Annwn and all the fae’s forever. After hearing about Thane’s soul being stolen by Neyoa Edwin then develops a plot to use Thane to destroy Annwn as payback to what they have done to both him and Thane. Edwin uses a girl, Lula, to get her to fall in love with him and vice versa. Because Edwin does not know the true name of the Veil he cannot enter Annwn, he uses Lula and Thane’s love for each other to get Neyoa to take Lula to Annwn, so he can slip inside after them. When Lula gets to the Apples of Avalon Edwin is there to whisper and control her mind to take a bite from the apples. With which Annwn will be destroyed.  

Lula– Is a 23 year old girl who dropped out of university and has been in and out of jobs for the past three years. Lula has worked as both a dancer in a nightclub and dancer at a strip club. Lula has also worked as a checkout chick and a waitress. However, the reason why she dropped out of University was so she could look after her paraplegic mother, who was in a car accident which killed Lula’s father. After her mother’s death Lula couldn’t find the money to go back to Uni and so she got jobs anywhere. Lula then gets a job looking after Thane.

Mermaids– Apart from water spirits, mermaids are the only creatures that can live in the river of Annwn. Mermaids can foretell the fortune which makes them depressed most of the time. Seeing a Mermaid is rare and they only come out from the water if there is something important that they must tell someone.

Water Spirits– Water Spirits man the boats for people to cross the river, they are responsible creatures and play the violin during the journey. However, they play rather badly and if anyone attempts to give them advice the water spirits try to drown them. There are some cases when the advice makes the violin playing better and from then on the water spirit becomes indebted to that person. 

The End

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