Not only anti-atheist. Anti-thought.

Here's an interesting thing about Buzzfeed. Due to the number of people they have writing for them, they're bound to have multiple opposing views on topics. Here's the newest example I could find. The first page of this was a response to "The 9 most annoying things about Atheists", written by two members of the Buzzfeed staff. Due to the fact this came immediately after 22 questions creationists have for people who believe in evolution, I assumed it was a direct response, and checked again today to see if there was a third. No, but I did find this:

"15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering"

This is an article that was made by a Buzzfeed user, not a member of the staff, but it has hundred of thousands of views, so it's fair to say it's a pretty popular article. Going back to the one I responded to, you may remember that number 9 was "And they refuse to answer even the simplest questions". Given how this other one I found is about that exactly, you would assume that the writers of Buzzfeed would acknowledge this widely popular article when writing their own so they didn't look like chumps, right?... Right?

I'll put the links to each below, but I'll go through a few of them.

First of all, the first question, the VERY, FIRST, QUESTION, on the list of 15 is "Why do atheists hate God?" To which it provides definitions of atheism and misotheism, misotheism being the actual definition of hating God. This question was not only answered, it was destroyed. But of course, because the Buzzfeed staff know absolutely nothing about Buzzfeed, the very same screenshot of the very same question was the second "simple question" used in point nine of their article. Now, of course I don't expect everyone at Buzzfeed to follow the same religious belief, that would be silly, but this question was answered in a list that is on their own website, with hundreds of thousands of views, and they still decided to completely ignore it. But that's just one, let's see if there are any others.

The second one on the list of fifteen is the last one of point nine. "Why do atheists constantly bash God but are suspiciously silent on Satan? Is it because it's rude to bash one's father?" To which the list of fifteen responded with a picture of Satan and the word "...Seriously?". Now I know what Jack Shepard and Dave Stopera must be thinking "But Jordan, he didn't answer the question!". He didn't have to. He did in the first one. Atheism isn't just the disbelief in your God, it's the disbelief in all of them. We don't believe in Yahweh, Allah, any of the Hindu gods and goddesses, any of the Roman, Greek, or Egyptian gods and goddesses, and we do not, I repeat, we do NOT belief in Satan. Fun fact, if we believed in Satan, there's a word for that. Satanist. And if we were Satanist's, we wouldn't call ourselves atheists. That good enough for you?

Number three on the list of fifteen is the first one of point nine. "How did the universe start?" Again, very same screenshot. The list of fifteen by Sean Curry provides this answer: "No idea. But we've got some theories.". This isn't the best answer to this question by any means, but it's close enough. A better one would've likely mentioned the Big Bang in some way. Also, Shepard and Stopera, how on Earth is this a simple question to you? If you belief God created the universe, tell me how. If you believe it's the way in the bible, see the internet for why you're wrong. No matter who answers the question "how did the universe start?", people will be wrong. Why? Because nobody was there. They also used the same screenshot for "Atheists, if God didn't create the universe, who did?" which Curry answered humorously. He didn't truly answer that question because he didn't have to. He already did, and so did the masses of other atheists.

There are two more screenshots used in Shepard and Stopera's list. "Why do Atheists celebrate Christmas?" and "Do you idolize Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin?", both of which were also brought up in Curry's list. I'm not going to go too into either of these because frankly seeing either of these questions piss me off, but I will say this. These questions have been answered virtually to death on the internet by many different sources, including the very same website you're printing this list on. If you're seriously willing to be that ignorant just so you can show everyone how bad you're trying to make atheists, then please, take your own advice. Go to Australia, and stay there. Forever.

The End

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