A Story that Goes On

An introduction to my light novel. Please judge as harshly as you can.

Tomoya Tanamachi
Tomoya Tanamachi..... my relationship with her is....unclear. If you could explain it, it would be probably somewhere along
the lines of a brother falling in love with his sister. Except in this story she is not my sister and her beliefs prevent her from loving
"someone like me". Also she has 5 brothers that can punch me all the way from Japan to North Korea then bounce to China.

It was 7:00 in the morning at Kousaka High School, like any other teenager that have watched anime I moved my chair in
the rear end of the classroom, near the window. Just like almost all anime characters. I grabbed my ballpen and wrote on my
paper "******** *****'s Arc."

"What are you up to Koisuru-chan?" A girl stood before me with the nerve of using 'chan' despite I'm taller and older than
her. Kotomi Noe, my bestfriend's girlfriend. I guess you can say she's a moe character.

"One of your stories I suppose?"

"Why ask if you already know the answer to your question?"

"Ehhh, that's so horrible of you!" she said with a sarcastic voice

"What's this? Already found a replacement for me huh?" Tetsuni Nakamura. My bestfriend and a caring boyfriend. This one is
a mixture of a bestfriend character trope with a dash of protagonist.
Kotomi punched Nakamura with an open fist "Idiot, you know I'll never do such a thing...." Normally seeing a couple would
always hurt my eyes because how sweet they always are. But these two are so passively sweet to each other I can't help but
adore the both of them

"So what's this story about?" Kotomi asked curiously

"It's kinda private...." It's not that I don't trust my best friends, `it's just that I'm not comfartable talking about her

"Oh! I bet it's about Tanamachi-san! Right?" They immidiately saw right through it, of course they would. I've been talking
about her for ages. It's no surprise that they were able to guess it.

"Tanamachi-chan huh? I thought you guys were over?"

"It's a long story." No....I'm just embarassed to say that I can't forget her, that I can't move on.

"Hey, Taisuki...." hearing him say my first name in a serious tone immidiately changed my mood into a darker tone.

"Are you just playing around with her? Obviously not but I can't help but get the feeling you're just forcing yourself into this."

My heart felt like it was stabbed and slammed into the ground after hearing those words. He's right.....partly right. I'm not
forcing myself to this. I'm forced by some unknown power to love her. That's right, I have already fallen for other girls while I
was still talking to Tanamachi. But I'm not that kind of person, I let her know that 'I had someone else in my heart already'. But
before I knew it I was in love with her again.

"Nakamura-san, you seem to misunderstand the things that I tell you." I said while pretending to be serious

"Haha, I apologize."

Before the conversation could go on any longer, our homeroom teacher arrived. About damn time. I couldn't survive
another minute of being interrogated about Tanamachi.

As the teachers taught I didn't listen to their teachings. I just kept on writing and writing. It's truly a mystery to me to why `I
keep writing. It'll lower my grades and it won't help me in anyway. It's probably because I have a thing for pointless things.`

--------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The school ended with the bell ringing. Hours after, everybody else went home except me. I stayed for a couple of hours just
staring outside the window. I decided to read my story that I wrote for about 4 hours....just as expected. `The characters are
way too uninteresting.` I crumpled 4 hours worth of pages as if it was nothing and threw it in the trash where it belongs. Just as
I returned to my chair.

"A certain voice was heard. Ah-ah, now why would you do that?" That voice....

"You spent so many hours writing that only to throw it away? It might've been a good story you know?" And so, to my surprise
the girl that I have been writing about appeared right before me. I was speechless, is this a dream? a trick? Or just my
She picked up the crumpled pieces of paper, pulled a chair next to mine and sat there.... Tomoya Tanamachi, what a
beauty to behold. The wind blew in our direction as if it was a final scene of an anime. She proceeded to fix the crumpled
papers and handed them over to me.

"I thought you said you'll stand by me until the end? Don't throw these all away yet. After all, our story hasn't ended yet.

The End

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