The EncounterMature

When Dylan had braved the massive staircase which led up to his bedroom, he collapsed back onto his bed, feeling quite exhausted. But this was nothing in comparison to having to look after Lillia.

Dylan reached over for the jug of water and cup which was always beside his bed and was surprised to see it was not there. Frowning, his eyes searched the room for any traces of it. He stood up and put his hands on his hips, sighing deeply. He was getting spoilt... expecting everything to be where it should be in every moment of his life.

Dylan stood in the middle of his room, basking in the silence. He jumped as there was a light tap on the window. He felt his heart pump a little faster as he recalled all of the ghost stories his mother had recited to him as he went to sleep.

Dylan slowly walked over to window, approaching it with the up most caution. He was being stupid, but these things had always gotten to him.

'Let me in, please.' A sugar-sweet voice chimed from outside the window.

'Ahh! Dylan screamed quietly, fall backwards onto his rug, his face turning red as he stared into the girls face. She was perched on the edge of his windowsill... but this wasn't possible. His room was six stories high, how could a teenage girl climb up that high?

'Let me in! It's raining!' She grumbled, he noticed she had a Irish accent, it was alluring and it was like it was forcing him to open it.

'I will! Give me a second!' Dylan cried, he wasn't sure what to make of this situation. Was she a witch? She couldn't be! She had such an angelic face.

He unlatched the window,'come in,'  the girl hopped through the gap and onto his floor.

'Thanks for inviting me in, sorry about this.' She picked him up by the front of his shirt and tossed him onto his bed, he sprawled on the cover and scrambled back as the girl approached him.

'What the hell are you doing!?' He roared.

'Having my dinner!' She smiled, slanting her eyebrows a little as though she was sad, 'I'm Marriane, by the way. I'm terribly sorry.'

She raised his jaw up with her ridiculously strong power and moved her lips to his jugular...

The End

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