A Breif History of Dylan Benivs.Mature


A long time ago, there was a young man named Dylan Benvis. He was sought after by many women due to his refined looks and distinguished family.  He had everything he could ever wish for. Except maybe one thing. One little thing that he had yearned for his whole life.

And that irreplaceable thing was freedom. These eighteen years he had lived were short and boring and quite bland. Dylan was someone who wanted to taste adventure as no one had before, he wanted to break through the social wall he had been kept behind.

Dylan was young, a few years off twenty and already had his marriage arrange, including a set date. And for a man like him, who wanted everything including free choice of women, this made him irritable.

'Dylan, why do you look so dismayed?' Daniel, his younger brother asked curiously. Dylan glanced over at his brother of fourteen and shrugged dismissively.

'I want to leave here.'

'Where on earth would you go?'


'Why would you go there? It's not a very nice place!' Daniel mumbled, Dylan shot him a sharp look.

'I want to know the land of my name. And do not mumble, you will loose your clear speak.' Dylan snapped, and returned to his usual post by the window.

'Lillia is here to see you, Master Benvis.'A maid popped her head around the door and Dylan's shoulders sagged and he glared at the door which shut behind the maid.

'Why do you not accept Lillia?' Daniel asked, Dylan was getting a little fed up of the excited, constantly-questioning voice of his younger brother.

'I do not think of her in that way. She is a brat.' Dylan growled, cracking his knuckles.

'I think she is wonderful.' Daniel said dreamily.

'Then you should go and marry her.'

'No.' Daniel said quickly, 'I didn't mean it like that.'

'Then don't comment if you do not want people to get the wrong idea.' Dylan sighed tiredly. He didn't want to go deal with Lillia at the moment. She was almost as annoying as Daniel at times.

'Please go tell them I am unwell. I am going to retire to my bedroom.'

'But you don't feel unwell! That's deceiving them!' Daniel gasped.

'Oh, you so naive! Just tell them I am sick. I don't want to go see Lillia right now!' Dylan nearly shouted, his face had grown a little redder as each word left his mouth.

'Fine! I shall! But you owe me something special!'

'Yes, yes.' Dylan rolled his eyes and left the library, slamming the door shut after himself.

The End

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