A Minor Detail

Clutching his lighter for courage, the boy inched himself into a crouch and snuck a glance around the door. He flinched as the pilot clattered to the ground in a cloud of smoke and supplies.

"For the love of Ponchiki! I.  Told. You. I. Can't. FLY THAT THING. " She stumbled from out the dust and smoke, slipping in the old man's blood and trailing bits of first-aid and rations. "HONESTLY C'ptin you're as much to blame."

"Oh you think so?" He barked a laugh. "I don'tknow, how seein's YOU'RE the pilot, AB-BI-SIN."

"It's OBVIOUS, because YOU-- hmmm." She knelt by the body, dropping more supplies. "Think we can fake it? A little dirt, a few more hits with some rubble. Is this even the right town?"

"I dunno, seein's YOU'RE THE PILOT. Barnacles!" He spun away to stomp up some more dust.

The End

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