A Bleeding Soul

What is life, that I may cherish it? I have grown to hate the life I live. I am in utter distress because of my afflictions. I stand afar from my kin; we have become like enemies. I try to keep peace but I have been to no avail. I am saddened by my failures and how I cannot find comfort for my weary soul on earth anymore. I have become envious of the dead both saved and condemned. Yes, I know; it seems like I am complaining and I am unthankful but would you trade places with me? Being in this perishable body has caused me much pain, sorrow, shame, and humiliation. I hide this shame by cracking a smile or pretending like I am not aware of what’s happening. I am no longer amused at persecution, discrimination, racism, sexism, hypocrisy, and the modern day segregation and scare tactics of the wicked ; they are a way of life now within this blasphemous world as well as destructive forces for all mankind. My family told me at a young age, “Life is hard, you just have to take the good with the bad and roll with the punches.” How can I do that when I am scared to trust, scared to love, and scared to open my heart because of how I was raised as a child. The vicious vipers of the earth are seeking whom they may devour. I try to forget my past and live in the present with expectancy for a brighter future but this I cannot carry out. Would you like to trade places with me? I don’t think that you want to walk in my shoes, live inside my skin, or travel down my dark roads; we all have our own dark roads to travel, just different experiences. I did my best to make it in this corrupt and insane world. I am longing to be with him now; the free and loving spirit among the Heavens. In heaven, I will be free from wrath, hurt, anger, resentment, disappointment, and misery.

The End

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