Stream of Consciousness

So sweet home alabama is playing and I only just realised that it's Lynrd Skynrd or however you spell his name that sings it. Nan keeps calling up the stairs and driving me insane because she reckons I never do any work which is total bullsh*t. but hey, what can ya do? That don't impress me much... love this song. Rhys can't come see me over the weekend, or at least might not be able to... he's having plastic surgery on his burn tomorrow and has to rest it afterwards. :-/ that sucks. I swear like everyone I know is having surgery. Clare's had her back op, Jane her knee, Sian's  had a couple of op's for her shoulder, now Rhys, and I swear there was someone else as well, I just can't remember who I thought of earlier. It's like everyone! Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it just feels like it. And then on the subject of Rhys, we've been talking baby names, and I'm writing a piece about teenage pregnancy, and we're studying abortion in RS. I'm beginning to get a bit worried about all this baby stuff that's coming up in my life atm.


So, what did I learn from this? I've learnt that my iPod shuffle likes Shania Twain (another of her songs just came on), quite a few people I know are having operations, I can't stop thinking of Rhys, and I'm broody. I think my body may be trying to tell me something; I keep feeling sick and fancying random foods. :-/ These coincidences? I'm not sure. Hysterical pregnancy? Maybe :-p x

The End

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