Streams of Consciousness


This song bothers me. But I don't understand it so I shouldn't really be bothered.. it's like.. I hear parts of it and I'm sitting here telling it to shut up because I feel insulted, as though the song is talking to me or something which it OBVIOUSLY is not. But even the title bothers me... 'loverboy' like only guys can be like that? Only guys can be players and WHAT? How does that even make sense? I swear it's singing to a girl anyway. As if us girls are always the whores. Well.. clue's in the name.. normally guys are like.. 'manwhores' or something so of course I suppose only girls can be whores..

That's how I think of myself. Which is silly really. I don't get paid for my services.. and so what if in the past.. -counting- like.. three months I've managed to make out with.. two people, sit on three people's laps and make about five people think I want to be with them. What does that matter? I haven't slept with any of them.. and two of them were exes so they don't even count.. lol, bullsh*tting on a SoC.. logical.
I never meant anything to.. no.. bullsh*tting again.
So that's the worst part.

Ash 'loved' me. So did Claire. So does Gentleman. So does.. Cake. James fancies me and the ginge? Who knows..

Oh.. times up.

I've learnt from this that I'm a whore.. but honestly, I need to stop spreading that all over the internet.. 

The End

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