Free spot!!

Okay, I don’t do this very often, so let’s see what happens. In fact, to be fair, although my head is always running with so many different ideas, I don’t write down my ‘consciousnesses’…or whatever. That’s why I wouldn’t be able to write a diary page, that’s why letters to myself go on and on. I witter too much (is ‘witter’ even a word? Microsoft says it’s not, but I swear I’ve used it in instances before this week…)

Hmm, I guess I’m supposed to say what’s in my head. Well for one thing, I didn’t look at the clock before I started- which probably defeats the point (oh. That was silly)- but still I reckon it’s been about two minutes.

Okay, two minutes to talk. Why haven’t I written more than the above in the last two minutes…? Surely I’m not a slow typer? And I’m saying what first comes into my head (yes, no matter how random, haha! *insert sticky-out-tongue smiley here*), so ideas shouldn’t be the problem-

I use too many brackets. Way too many brackets, especially when I’m talking to myself- if that’s possible. The thing is: I don’t like dashes over-used in sentences, but I guess brackets are much the same too, aren’t they? So, here I am being a hypocrite again. Oh dear.

*Looks at clock*. One minute! Hmm, what else can I say? I have all these ideas buzzing around my cranium, but I don’t know if they’re relevant. Most of them are poetry, seeing as I was writing poetry last night, but others of them are half-based on this and half-based on my novel ‘Time. Stooped’.

I need to check my notifications…


Hmm, I’ve learnt from this that I can be even more random in my head than when I’m speaking out loud. I could always use that in a story of how someone is trying to be a normal person, and trying hard, but inside them, there is all this bubbly energy and uniqueness spilling out. Of course, it could also be used in an exercise about character development, writing what the character might think in a contrast to what they’re saying.

The End

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