The strange thing for me about working on NaNo this year is how different the story will be when I'm done from the one that I already have in a binder.  It's hard to just throw everything away but I'm also excited about seeing where it all goes - seeing how the characters change and adapt and how I do it, myself, in the writing style and the scenes I cut and add in.

Pilot has officially taken over everything.  He is, by far, my most treasured character.  I adore him - he's dark and damaged and dangerous but he's also an incredibly self-sacrificing, determined, and driven person.  He fights for what he wants, what he believes in, and it doesn't matter if he dies at the end of the fight.  He doesn't care.  That kind of character is a lot of fun to work with, I think.  He's so interesting to me, nowadays, that I've almost entirely lost touch with the fun of writing about Eden.  I guess that's bad. haha.

Eden's lost a lot of her uniqueness, I guess; maybe I should try to re-tool her somewhat.  I watched a movie called Alyce last night with my husband and it was really slow to start but once it started it was really interesting, until the end. The end was just about cutting up bodies and feeding them to her garbage disposal.  But the hallucinations, the downward spiral into a drug addiction, the lowering of her standards.. Those were all very interesting things, and they're also very relevant to Eden.

I think I've lost touch with Eden because of Atlas.  She's a lot like Atlas and I think spending so much time with Atlas and getting to know her as a character has kind of transplanted the character and now I'm left with the ghost of what Eden was supposed to be because Atlas has become what Eden would have.


Plus, I'm out of time.

The End

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