Free Spot!

I think its really weird how it said in the author guidance that we shouldnt use punctuation and stuff and yet all through this whole thing people have been fullstopping here and commaing there and really when something says dont use punctuation you would have thought people would not use punctuation out of common decency I'm sitting here wearing practically nothing and Im freezing but I dont want to  put my clothes on because if I put my outfit on then Ill probably drop something down it I wonder if Frenchie has texted back yet I mean if he is being dropped at AKs then Id like to know if hes going through Aylesbury because I would like to know where Im going and if I go by bus I WILL get lost which would be kind of inconventient though I have maps on my phone so really I shouldnt worry at all because my phone will sort of tell me where to go she says knowing shell still get lost I really suck with directions its like I was secretly born a man because Im useless at all the housework things women are apparently meant to do I cant multi task and I dated a girl :P I am a man.

Paha. I got to the end of that just as it ticked over as 5 mins. I've learnt from that how intolerable it is for me to write without punctuation.. and that I think I use too much punctuation.. And not much else! xD

The End

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