Okay, let's see...never done anything like this. Finally finished tidying my room and moving around the furniture. Itune's be going, Kelly Clarkson lol xD

I have no clue what to are coming here today, my dad's cousin's birthday. I have to give up my bed and sleep on an airbed T^T I miss my bed already xD But i'll get to see my cousin Jade which is always awesome.

My mum just walked into the room to moan at me, ugh -.- She is the worst perfectionist, miss one thing in my room and she has a go.

But my room now had another bookshelf, whoop! More books :D And I start my apprenticeship on Monday, omg so scared and excited at the same time. And also MONEY! Finally. I'm pretty sure the first thing I'm saving up for is a computer. And my brother decided to walk into my room to say what mum said, except he doesn't care, he just likes being annoying xD

Yesh, usually no one walks into my room to bother me, the moment I sit down to try this five minutes exercise everyone's peeking in xD

And thats my time up, enjoy the random thoughts from my head! :)

The End

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