Free Spot 2

you know what I hate i hate when i dress all warm and cozy cause i look out the window in the morning and its foggy but two hours later im sweating so much and i just want to take off my fuzzy boots and walk barefooted speaking of fuzzy boots i left mine downstairs when my dad told me to take them upstairs to my room GAH im gonna get in truuuuble i hate when i get in trouble i mean whats the point of it it is simply just words that go in through one eaer and then out the other well unless they slap you a slap doesnt go through the ear very well dude you know what i really hate i really hate when my friends slap me im not expecting it and then bam they hit me and when you think about it its not very nice i mean arent we supposed to be friends friends dont slap each other or do they i really dont know anymore anyways this chapter is coming to a close only 25 more seconds o wait now its down to 15 by the time im done typing it will be done o well that was fun

The End

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