Free 2

I'm really not very good at stream of consciousness stuff because it generally all comes out in one really long sentance that I haven't thought about and ends up having no punctuation or anything. Oh wait. Forget that. I don't really know what to write with these things, I literally just spend the whole five minutes thinking 'I don't know what to write'. I m clearly just procrastinating. I should be writing nano work. I don't know why. I'm not really that interested in nano. I think it seems more like a test of quantity over quality. I'm not convinced anyone has written anything of any great merit during nano because 50,000 words in a month is slightly drastic. I'm saying this yet I want to have another 100,000 written by Christmas. My novel is going to be absolutely awful, I swear. I hate the fact that it is such a big undertaking that I just can't organise my thoughts. and I hate writing notes down about characters and plot and stuff becuase I just get more contradicting ideas. I'm a terrible writer, I'm not even sure why I write some times. I literally haven't got what it takes to be a novelist, which is pretty much the only creative writing job worthwhile and even then you'll struggle to pay the bills. Better than poetry though I guess. Poetry isn't likely to pave your way through life is it? Never mind. I'm sure I'll end up doing something important with my life... some day. 


There is literally nothing I can take from this apart from pure unadulterated negativity. :P

The End

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