free space

I'm thinking to myself, too bad that I have to write this under "free space." It's not even capitalized. As I wonder, I realize that there is such an infinite amount of things happening around me. Somewhere a baby is crying, somewhere tears are being shed for someone who has passed. I think about trees falling in the woods and whether or not they truly make a sound. I don't think sound exists, and I wish I would have thought about that when my grade ten science teacher posed this age old question. I emphatically replied, yes, of course when a tree falls in the woods it makes a sound, that's why we would hear it if we were present. Ah, the teacher replies, but if there is no ear to  hear then how can there be sound. Well, teacher. I have come to this conclusion. Sound does not exist. Every single thing we hear is a vibration, particular to the way it travels through our gaseous environment. When I speak the vibrations I make are unique to myself, but without an ear to hear them, they would only transmit like a radiowave. Your vibrations pounding out of your keyboard only exist because you have the ears to hear them. Sound does not exist. I guess that sounds like I think I made that discovery on my own. And I wish that "free space" was capitalized.

The End

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