Right five minutes of constant writing about what im thinking within that five minutes, wow, i apologise now cos my spelling and grammer will be shocking. my brain is most certainly an odd place i think, it doesnt work like other peoples i dont think but you never know cos how do you know how other peoples brains work like unless your them? you can't so...anyway yes my brains odd. I can read people like books wich is great sometimes really bad others but I find it more useful than bad, its an ability ive had since i don't know when i can spot when people are lying as if they'd just sent up a flare and i don't now how i know i just do! so never play poker with me.

AS for what im thinking right now is im PANICKING THE DUCK OUT! cos my martial art is chosing its international team on wednesday and whoever gets on the team goes to compete in america for Great Britain and i SOOOO want to go but im up against five amazing martial artists and theres only four places for our region so im trying to practice and hitting the gym like a madman trying to get ready. I'm also slightly worried about my baby sister, she went on a date with her boyfriend and his family but when she came home she was really quiet which means somethings wrong, she hasn't told me what happened yet cos im her big bro and its not cool to tell is it. but i'll weasle it out of her eventually im sure, i just hope shes ok.

00:10 ... Times up :)

The End

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