Work was hell today; so busy it was intolerable.  I could barely keep up - but these are also the days I feel the most productive and energized because I just have to go go go go go.  I missed my roommate as the dish person because she's phenomenal and always keeps up and yeah i don't know. she's great.

i was considering a drinking board game night but i don't know who will be home. i'd love to get sloshed and play monopoly until three am with my roommates and my husband.  most fun i ever have, i think.

i'm listening to britney spears and i have no shame.

it's stupid, haha.

i brushed my hand against the cactus that is beside my front door when i got home. super. pulled like 2 dozen spines out of my fist and it sucked but oh well.  i hope they move it, like to their room because i am too clutzy to live in a house with cacti everywhere.

i am so sore. ow.

i hate stream of consciousness because i am so critical of myself all the time. probably because of my mother, but whatever.  i haven't spoken to her in three years, and i dont' think i will any time soon.

i'm certain people judge me for that but i don't even care. i know what life is like with her and i know what it is like without her, and i am 100% a better person without her. i'm not nearly as manic or depressed or unstable or obsessive.

i am about to have a nice smoke and relax and take off my wet shoes.

it has been snowing since like 10 and it's actually sticking to things now and it was nice to walk home in, honestly.  it wasn't even too cold and the snow is coming down nice and heavy and i love to watch it fall.

i used to hate snow but i don't anymore. now i like it, at least when i don't have to go anywhere in it. haha. or if i'm walking somewhere fun like home or to get food or something.

i wonder what i would like to drink later.

vodka? maybe i don't know.

maybe i will get tequila. it's been so long.

i don't usually drink, honestly.

i'm more of a hippy.  :)

okay, time's up.


The End

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