Free spot

so five minutes to write whatever comes to my mind i do this only because i havent written anything in months, and i cant figure out why. i have to many ideas floathing about to go to waste, and i enjoy writing,  but for some reason no wors come out. I think i need to work on awesome, as that is probably the easiest thing i am currently working on. sutip ideas need to get outa my head and onto some paper...thants what i want.  sweet my virus scan is complete, i iwll have to hcekc it when my 5 minutes is up.  i think when i finish this i am most definattly gonna work on awesome, even if i just have to type every thing that pops into my head and then sort it all out. ihad an idea at or where one point for where to take the story. but i never wtore it down so now i have no clue.  hha ha ha. oh well. if i did nt remember it there is a good chance it wasnt that good anyway.  sp ot see,s ;ole my five minutes hsould be up and it isnt

My take on this is I need to write...and apparently I need to work on my typing as well. It appears I'm a little rusty.

The End

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