[Start transmission]

Wow, I can't help but feel like this bent-over-on-the-bed posture is going to obliterate my spine when I'm 50...

Lying on my side doesn't feel as good, but I suppose its better. Now all the pressure is on my right elbow though... is this going to wreck my elbow too?

Humans are so fragile. Whoops, I just spelled eblow instead of elbow. Better go back and fix it. What is an eblow anyway? I mean, what would an eblow even be, if it existed? I imagine it'd be some sort of... internet flute app? eBlow, perhaps?

I love Cage the Elephant. They have so many great songs. Maybe 6... oww. iTunes just switched to Trivium. Super loud metal. Man, Brandon's headphones are really good! I'm glad I decided to steal them while he's sleeping. I'm sure he won't mind, or even know about it.

I find it hilarious how I hate rap, but I listen to guys in their twenties and thirties screaming and growling to microphones... and I LOVE it. Insanity at its finest, right there.

Ah, geez, I just found out that Brandon's head was right by my elbow. One of the downsides of these sleepovers... he's supposed to sleep in the other room, but sometimes we watch movies and he just passes out in here. Whenever I fall asleep, I tell people that I "passed out". It makes it sound like I made an effort to stay awake. 

Ah, the guitar solo is boring. I need some good music. How about some Taylor Swift? Yessssss... I love Taylor Swift. I also find it hilarious how I love metal, hate rap, and love Taylor Swift. All at the same time. She's just so awesome. If I were a girl, I'd probably have posters of her all over my walls. But I'm not. So I just have all her music on my iTunes... 

I wonder how good I am at singing. Like, how good I am at actually singing. I think I'm decent, but the human mind loves to lie to itself. Its a beautiful self-relationship. 

Okay, I'm bored of this song. Ah, here we go. Nothing says "I have high musical taste" like a metal song about obsession and abuse.

Man, I really need to get a short story submission in for the contest. This is literally the last day I have to write and submit it. Am I really going to pass up a chance to get $6000 just because I couldn't think of anything to write? No, that'd be stupid. 

Man, that butter chicken poutine was amazing today... I really did make an effort to make my American food as Asian as possible... I got Orange Julius with tea. I'm such a boss...

Oh, and we're back to the bent posture... lousy habits. When's Brandon going to - 

[End transmission]


The End

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