Stream of consciousness, huh? Okay, here goes. 5 minutes on the timer...

Why did I come here? What was the purpose? What kind of sick, twisted logic was i using when i decided to come back home? my brother is driving me up the wall and my mom is yelling at all kinds of volumes even as i type this in the middle of the night. i am frustrated, tired, and deaf now. i have a lot of work i need to do. lots of exams next week. bio lab quiz tomorrow. i dont remember any of the slides from the past two weeks. what the hell possessed me to take 7 classes in one semester?!? i really like this song. fleetwood mac is amazing. i wish i could see them in concert. i wish i could go to the hall and oates concert in december. i can't wait til december. end of classes, end of new year, half end of senior year. maybe getting an apartment. need a job. like really bad.

it's only been 3 minutes. why did i not go to the bathroom before i started this?? 5 minutes is actually a really long time to keep typing. this stupid internet access i stole from the neighbors is really bad too haha. it keeps going out. luckily i didn't do the online quizzes here. oh (my). gotta do online lab for physiology tomorrow. completely forgot about it. thank goodness i remembered. protagonize helps with everything haha. gotta love it.

im starting to think that i will have no actual material from this blurb haha. oh nano is coming in a day. not prepared at all. still writing some synopses for the short stories. hopefully it'll come together. or maybe i'll just pants it.


I'm supposed to find valuable nuggets in this mess?? Here's what I have:

1.) A character who is tortured by not being allowed to go to the bathroom. Probably not effective.

2.) A very forgetful character who finds a way to not be forgetful. Maybe futuristic?

3.) A character who is forced to move back home at the expense of his/her sanity.

P.S. JUST saw the timer down there. I used my phone timer. Go figure! (Sorry for the horrible punctuation!)

The End

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