Death. I can't stop thinking about it at the moment. I know that's kinda stupid, considering I'm not even 20 yet, and I'll probably live for at least another 60 years or so, but still, it sticks in my mind. I've got my own beliefs on the matter, obviously, but sometimes I can't help but doubt them; there's always exceptions to rules and it does my nut in trying to make heads or tails of all the different possibilities that are, well, possible. Maybe it's working at the hospice, so close to death so often, that makes me think an awful lot about the end; maybe it's my unhealthy obsessions with stories and games which involve this specific dilemma and major character deaths; maybe it's just because I'm human (or at least, I hope I am: you never know). This is really annoying though, 'cause i keep getting worked up about it, and to be honest, I've got enough on my mind without wondering about "ceasing to be", "kicking the bucket", "becoming a stiff". I'm also really annoyed that when I die, I won't have some epic atmospheric music going on. I mean, that would be really cool, and emotional and/or whatever. Well, never mind, I've got a Toblerone.

The End

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