love part 1

I look at him and wonder if he is something worth the cost of my freedom.

Will he care for me enough? And will this love last long enough to mention to people it be worth while? I stare at him and hope to hold converstations that in reality speak about nonsense and jibberish, but it helps me forget how serious I can be.

I have been hurt before, and restrained tp their own contempt of selfishness.

Perhaps what is there would be obvious to others if I were transeparent. But What I question again and again is will this act of selfish deed to obtain him, to call of my own just be a greater gain or greater loss? As his friendly bewildered eyes meet mine and his words made only to humor me.

He is human, not particularly great looking, or fabulous in making bill payments. He is not exactly the talking type toward strangers or anyone not interrogating him. Still I can't help but to wonder and plan precisely. One faultered move and there is no going back or second chances.

Love in reality does not mean to touch, but to feel. And what we make each other feel is greatly enough. When you love, why should one have to give up anything. He must know that.

The End

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