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So I started this because it's late and I'm tired and I have very little else to do and I've always got thousands of things in my head at once which I can't keep track of and it amazes me to even think about brains and senses and earlier today I sat staring at my hands and thinking how fantastically weird it was that I could feel temperatures through my skin and now I'm thinking about hands and the weekend and how excited I am and how people feel and how to know how they feel and how I can tell generally how people feel but not how they feel about me because somehow, some way, that's entirely different and then I wonder how strange but amazing it would be to be able to tell immediately how people felt about you but then I think it would probably come with a whole host of problems as so many things like that do. Sort of like perfect pitch: really great for sight-reading music and singing and doing exams but torture to hear anyone playing out of tune or hearing orchestras tune and having to listen to thousands of un-named pitches mingling with the one pitch that fits with your sense of pitch and I suppose that's a bit like feelings. How can we even know if other people feel emotions the same way that we do?

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