Hmm okay so I  have this story in my head that is just dying to get oout but knowing how stubborn my brain can be it has decided that it doesn't want the story to come out. So I have been sitting in this spot thinking of insperations that could help bring it out, like maybe hve like some sort of brain extraction method? Would that even work? anyway whilst I sit here, I've decided that my muse is going to be the 'Peter Panda Dance' cause you know, it's just awesome and I find it quite amuseing and laughter is a very good thing to have. And also I was thinking about some scary stories when I was little, and boy were they quite frighfull...

Hmm I think that I couls actually use my scary stories in my new story that woon't come out. It could add more edge to it and it'd be quite cool to put them out there and see if anyone else has encountered them.

The End

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