5-minute Stream of Consciousness

A simple writing exercise in which one writes everything that comes to mind as they think it, creating one long stream of consciousness. Who knows, maybe you might find something useful!

Sometimes I wonder why dogs and cats hate each other it doesn't seem like a burden for them when the other is in the room but they just stare at each other like my dog and cat now they are it's 11:11 time to make a wish but I wont make it online because then everyone would know what it was and it wont come true we had a test today in English and Math the PSAT and it annoyed the heck out of me I couldn't sit by my friends because the counselor is annoying he voice just grates on me and we had to listen to her for an entire hour when we filled in our forms I'm writing a story but it's not good enough for protagonize yet I guess I can fix it up while I post it but it is more like a novel than a whole bunch of chapters and I'll need a lot of convincing to post it I really want to but I'm afraid it'll get stolen or people wont like it oh well it's just a story I know that I made it up and that's good enough for me! 

What I got out of this is that maybe I could make a character that has problems with a counselor at school hating on them. Or maybe the student is an artist and just doodles all the time and gets disqualified by the counselor from an important test for "passing notes". Hmm, this could be interesting! 

The End

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