55 Words or Less

To write a story in less that 55 words. Romance-Crime-Death. Enjoy.


I saw him holding a piece of paper. "Sign it." He said. “No,” I said turning my back to him “and you can’t make me.” “I don’t love you anymore, just sign it and end this loveless marriage.” Tears began streaming down my face. Hurt, I grabbed the paper and ripped it. “I love you.” 

Crime Solver

Receiving a call from my captain, he told me to go to 8th Line and 6th. I knew what had already happened there, he didn’t need to tell me. Arriving at the scene there was a corpse of a woman, stabbed to death. I wasn’t surprised because I was the one that killed her. 


In the dense forest, I see how a fox hunts a rabbit. Staying motionless, I observe how it pounces on his prey having it all to himself. We are both very similar; both hunters. Too bad, he's my prey. A quick heavy sound cuts through the silence of the forest.

The End

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