I began writing this as I was leaving University Parks (a little after 6pm): it has a fixed rhyme and syllable count per verse, which means it took ages to get the words right but I hope the effort was worth it. :)


May I be untethered:

may I rise, may I fly,

be embraced by open sky:

May I be untethered.


May I join the canvas.

Joyful mind, tranquil soul,

wish to feel the art unfold:

May I join the canvas.


May I rest on cloudbanks,

sleeping thoughts, open eyes,

wild emotions tranquillised:

May I rest on cloudbanks.


May I taste the sunset,

soar through warmth, bask in ‘rays,

dance through colour, wowed and dazed:

May I taste the sunset.


May I twirl through star-scenes:

silent space, velvet halls,

waltzing at the midnight balls:

May I twirl through star-scenes.


May the sky embrace me,

let me dream, give me hope,

make me feel like I can cope:

May the sky embrace me.


Fantasy, don’t leave me:

though I’m growing, stay alive -

don’t let me be desensitised.

Cradle me, sustain me. 

The End

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