Early evening, Oxford University Parks

The air is fresh,

and in the shade of these trees,

in this shadow of the world,

it feels more like dawn than sunset.


This world is apart.

The nose tastes fragrance,

the ear sees birds:

the senses are as though awakened.


More art than life,

more portrait than photo,

more interesting architecture:

this is Nature’s place, not ours.


Sitting on the grass,

the sky is so much higher,

the space is so much vaster:

the human is much smaller.


The world is apart:

Away from student-life,

away from the strangers,

away from the stress of guidelines.



The world is darkening,

though the city has more sunlight to bathe in.

The limits are approaching,

the possibilities are decreasing.


The air is cold,

yet I hold on for as long as I can -

to a prettier world that doesn’t hurt me.

But in the end, the dawn will fade and night will fall. 

The End

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