A Warm Day in Oxford

Monday 5th March, 2013: Today was a wonderfully sunny, delightfully free day and poetically inspiring. This small group of works is the result. :)

Sitting on a bench on Broad Street in the afternoon, I attempted to write some free verse. When I looked back - at a later point in the day - at what I had produced, I decided it would work better as poetic prose. 


And let despondency be suspended.

The sun burns so intensely that to stand in its direct path is almost uncomfortable - but maybe only because you dressed pessimistically - and when the air is disturbed, its coolness is refreshing. The sky is high and bright and vast and blue - cloudless too: a soft blanket which absorbs your cares and woes and lifts them out of reach. The goldening rays of that faraway fireball beautify the parts of the world that they touch, in a way that make-up can’t perfect the face, in a way that clothes can’t flatter the figure, and beauty is in fact this serene contentment, and charm is in fact the sincere and carefree smile. The sunlight brushes the soul, wakes up sparkles on the pavement and in the skin, and it produces a simple joy worth living for. Negativity seems impossible.

Let’s be free and easy, eh? This weather makes any other state seem pointless.

The spirit bounds while the hearts sighs, relieved of the burden of the heavy soul. Is this the way to transcendence? Not intense meditation and incessant questioning but acceptance and a light-heartedness that may arise from not thinking deeply enough and yet which is somehow still enjoyable. For the mind to detach and rise into the stratosphere, it must require a certain lightness and buoyancy, hm? “Au-dessus des étangs, au-dessus des vallées”..., free as a kite - a wonderful dream. Is this the path to a more persistent cheerful optimism?

I am grateful for this early glimpse of summer, excited for the days where once more I will sit on verdant grass and experience the feelings that accompany a wonderful dream, or daydream myself, amongst little flowers, basking in the sun. 

The End

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