Every day I make a new plan. Everyday, I review old plans. If there is something I really can't assimilate, it's z concept of destiny.

Yet, destiny laughs at me. Everyday, it flexes it's muscles. Everyday it twists my arms. I can't appear on exams I prepared for. I cancel flight tickets which were intended for meeting my spouse after 4 months.

Yet I don't know how to give up. It's got nothing to do with strength or patience. Rather, I think I can't give up 'coz I'm too weak. Because I'm a hopeless optimist. Because, something once important to me, forever stays important. It does not become trivial just because it is unattainable.  How to give up? How to let go?

So, everyday I fight it. My destiny. My only misgiving is, what if I forget my boundaries, where I end & another starts, & start fighting someone else's destiny?

The End

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