Tero was confused.

Not a bewildered confused, or a lost confused, or a can’t-quite-wrap-your-head-around-it confused. It was more of a personal, quiet, ponderous confused. He was confused, how this filthy, dank, wreck of a building could even somewhat feel like the cathedrals of Eden.

Maybe it was the silence, maybe it was the high roof or maybe it was the long halls, but some part deep, deep in his subconscious related this sooty-walled slave house to the marble and golden halls of his home.

But this is where his confusion deepened, because he realized he hated Earth. He hated the greedy fat merchants who inhabited it. He hated how they gorged themselves, how they indulged all of their gluttonous and lustful urges. How they turned their backs on the starvation that gripped their own solar system. He hated their very existence and that was the core of his confusion, because it was wrong to hate that uncontrollably.

He was conflicted, torn by two contradictory unquestionable laws of his being: To hate uncontrollably is wrong, but to give in to the seven was the worst thing a human being could do- and these people of Earth did it willingly.

Tero breathed in deep, it had taken him hours of meditation to reach his conclusion and he needed to calm himself and rid himself of the anger that was coursing through his veins. He’d been at the abandoned factory for nearly two hours. The others were due in the next hour, that would be more than enough time to bring himself back under control, and to decide how he should approach various options and attack plans the bounty hunters might make. But first, he needed to keep breathing.

“I hate it too.” A tall man stepped out from behind one of the iron supports. In the dim light his hair and facial features were dark. He wore a leather jacket, hanging loosely off of his shoulders and baggy pants and by the look of the soles, combat boots. He was tall, Tero’s height, probably taller.

"You were projecting your thoughts." he continued.

Telepathic, Excellent. Lukus just smirked.

Tero stood from his sitting position to face the second Gen Mod he’d met that day. Curious, telepathy, that was meant to be rather rare, wasn’t it?

The man laughed and nodded, “Yes.”

Tero grinned, this could be fun.

“Lukus,” the stranger said, taking a drag of his cigarette. 

“Tero,” replied the priest.

“I didn’t expect anyone to be here yet." He took another long drag of his cigarette. "You don't look like much of a bounty hunter."

Tero shook his head. “I hunt bounty hunters.” Lukus shot him a quick glance, Tero met it evenly. "Zero isn't making many friends."

The sound of a motorbike tearing down the abandoned streets broke their conversation, Domino had arrived. 

She didn’t come in the side door as Lukus had, no; her entrance was much more... obvious. Casting open a large rolling door she flooded their section of the factory in the dusky red light, her silhouette cutting an imposing and aggressive stance.

She was the most feared and reputed Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy, and boy, did she look the part.

The End

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