Chapter 10Mature

Chapter Ten
Lukus Fray
Word Count: 391

He leant back in his seat as the ship steered through space to the meeting point. Lukus moved to pull out a cigarette. "Eh! No smoking" another passenger snapped. He raised an eyebrow at the women.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm saying you can't smoke" she snaps. "Dirty habit"

The bounty hunter held his cool tucking away his cigarette as the women gave him this arrogant look. Irritated again he rested back his head and closed his eyes. He felt the thrum of the engine through his boots. Could sense the movement of the snappy women as she fiddled with her hair and smacked her lips together. It was irritating but again Lukus held his cool. It was when she stuck out her feet and knocked his aside that he lost his cool.

"You are meant to apologize when knocking someone" he said slowly opening his eyes. "Although, I suppose a bitch like you doesn't understand manors"

The women stared at him mouth wide open like a gaping fish. He pulled out his cigarette and lit up blowing out the first cloud of smoke into her face. The snappy women coughed and waved her hand in front of her face. "Stop that!" she hissed shooting daggers. The hunter turned his eyes on her and she froze.

He smiled slowly. "Lady, you don't want to be arguing with me" he smirked as he felt the ship started to shake as it docked. Slipping out of his seat Lukus took another dragged blowing it out as he reached up to grab a hold as the ship lurched forward before the door creaked open. The other passengers fiddled with their belongings while he just strode out his heavy boots clanging against the metal as he came out into the dock. 

He took a breath of the new planets air smiling to himself. He thought back to the first time he'd come to Earth. The time he had met Domino. Wandering along he felt the bustle around him. The only busy place on earth was the docks like the train stations to move across the planets.

He had been on an old train before. Slow hunky things that made tons of noise very unlike the trains of 3002.

Checking his watched he saw he had hours yet till he had to meet Domino. "Well, one drink wouldn't hurt"

The End

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