Hunting a HunterMature

Chapter 9
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“Erza Corchuda”
Tero tapped the name several times, in deep thought. The sickly snow of the Eastern Seaboard of old America fell in dribs and drabs, melting on the hot tar of the road infront of him. The Glass and Steel monolith before him marked boldly with: B2336 matched the known office and residence of the contractor.

It was through this man he would find Domino, in the flesh. But he hadn’t even begun his search before it was finished. The golden rimmed doors were thrown open, and a rather bemused woman came striding out with her raven waist length hair streaming out behind her.

Too easy.

Tero crossed quickly, his golden rimmed white hood pulled up over his face, covering his features. He’d been following her for near ten minutes, when suddenly she took an unexpected turn veering off into a side street; Tero slowed as he neared the alleyway, but just as he reached the corner he felt the cold steel of a gun nozzle knock off his hood, and rest against his temple.

Who are you and why are you following me?” a cold, businesslike voice asked.

Tero thought it would be best to answer honestly, “My name is Brother Tero, I’m an agent of the high church and I-” Tero wrenched his hand upward, smashing away Dominos gun and unsheathing his sword in the same move, of all the times he'd performed this well practiced action not once had his opponent managed to pull their gun back at him in time.

Any civilian passing would think this was something out of their movies, a Golden-Haired Priest standing tall, a Steel LongSword stretching from his hand to the throat of a Dark-Haired wild looking woman who, in turn, had two pistols drawn- one aimed dead at his heart, the other directly between his eyes.

“-and I am going to help you kill Zero.” finished the Church Agent. A long silence settled over the pair as the Bounty Hunter mulled over this proposal, her pitch black eyes giving away as much as her unreadable face.

Tero figured a little more motivation might be required.

You get my cut

The End

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